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Feel. Everything. ✨#TheIdeaOfYou✨ with @nicholasgalitzine 💥May 2nd, 2024💥 @primevideo
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When the last thing you expect becomes the only thing you want ✨ #TheIdeaOfYou trailer…tomorrow xx
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Chinese Mother’s instinct poster!! @jessicachastain @frecklefilms @somewherepictures
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Eternal thanks to my @bvlgari family for inviting me to experience the new #BvlgariAeterna collection in such spectacular fashion— it was so special to wear the “Infinite Chase” for the occasion!✨ Pictures by: @gregwilliamsphotography
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What a privilege and honor to be a brand ambassador for a storied company like @bvlgari . Thank you to the entire family for hosting me at this spectacular evening celebrating the #BvlgariAeterna in Rome!!! ✨❤️
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This one is for the #moonheads ✨🌙 🪩 Shout out to the brilliant @danivitale and @scott_myrick - aka Teach and Gum Girl - who made these amazing artists (and total sweethearts) the realest fake boy band possible!! Guard Down was directed by up and coming mv visionary Michael Showalter in his debut project for #AugustMoon x
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I was so honored to have our production company @somewherepictures co-produce #TheIdeaOfYou alongside Cathy Schulman and @gabunion . Thank you to them as well as to Michael Showalter, Jordana Mollick, @primevideo and the entire amazing cast and crew who made this a such a wonder of an experience!
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🌹To my beloved @realmrvalentino : Happy Birthday to the eternal Emperor who I am also lucky to call one of my dearest friends 🌹
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✨🪩🌙 #theideaofyou
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Thank you so much to Michael Showalter and to every single human being who contributed to making #theideaofyou such a beyond beautiful experience. This video was taken just after we took our crew photo and there was so much love going around it was insane… Also, a HUGE thank you to my co-star @nicholasgalitzine who gives such a special and unforgettable performance as Hayes Campbell in the film. Thank you for the banter, and for keeping calm and carrying on without ever losing the fun xx
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Swooooooooon @nicholasgalitzine , @annemarie and #TheIdeaOfYou lyric video 💜✨🪩🌙 watch the full video on my TikTok!
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