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Tiffany & Co.


Expertly crafting jewelry for the world’s greatest love stories since 1837.
The gold standard of design, a complex feat of craftsmanship. Iconic collections like Tiffany Lock and Tiffany HardWear reflect our House’s unparalleled ability to combine cutting-edge technology with traditional techniques. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyLock #TiffanyHardWear #TiffanyAndCo
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The beauty of the holidays. The gift of elegant simplicity. China brand ambassador @elaine_zhongchuxi wears Tiffany Lock—a scintillating symbol of connection that will be treasured now and forever. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyLock #TiffanyAndCo
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This is the season of stories yet to be written. Start yours at Tiffany & Co. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyAndCo
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This is the season to make a bold statement. Tiffany artisans transform a quintessential padlock motif found in the House archives into an infinite expression of love with Tiffany Lock. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyLock #TiffanyAndCo
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A symbol of our most important connections, Tiffany Lock is inspired by a quintessential padlock motif found in the House archives. Bright hand-set diamonds and warm 18k gold create an eternally modern juxtaposition, perfect for the holiday season and beyond. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyLock #TiffanyAndCo
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Every round brilliant diamond featured in the Tiffany Knot collection is strategically sourced to meet the House’s high standards. Crafted in 18k gold and polished by hand for unparalleled shine, this complex feat of craftsmanship is designed to stand the test of time, season after season. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyKnot #TiffanyAndCo
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Good style is forever and so is a gift from Tiffany & Co. An ode to the fire and radiance of our superlative diamonds, the Tiffany Victoria® collection features a unique combination of cuts for a dazzling display of brilliance. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyVictoria #TiffanyAndCo
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The best traditions to pass on are the ones from Tiffany & Co. China brand ambassador @elaine_zhongchuxi prepares for an evening filled with joy in diamond-traced Tiffany Knot and Tiffany Victoria® designs. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyKnot #TiffanyVictoria #TiffanyAndCo
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This holiday, make your move with diamonds from Tiffany & Co. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyAndCo
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House ambassador @rosiehw wears revolutionary designs by @elsaperetti.official . In 1974, Peretti’s iconic Diamonds by the Yard® debut ushered in a new era of jewelry design. Once reserved for special occasions, diamonds could now be worn all day, every day—a perfect holiday gift then, now and forever. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #ElsaPeretti #TiffanyAndCo
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This holiday, the only thing more beautiful than a design from @elsaperetti.official is the love that fills the room. House ambassador @rosiehw spreads joy while wearing the legendary designer’s iconic Diamonds by the Yard® necklaces and Bone cuffs. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #ElsaPeretti #TiffanyAndCo
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If holiday gifting is an art, Tiffany T is the medium of choice. China brand ambassador @elaine_zhongchuxi wears a suite of eternally modern designs traced in diamonds and punctuated by our iconic T motif. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyT #TiffanyAndCo
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