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1. desperate housewife 2. Ender’s first mommy concert. yavrum 3. portait of me writing 4. new panic hobby just dropped 5. when ur tired but can’t bring urself to wash off a good beat 6. Mumbai melody 7. delirium
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🦩 did I audibly shriek when I saw how well this look matched the @aboutfacebeauty Marigold eye paint? yes. yes I did 🌷 Photos by @donslens full look @manishmalhotraworld Styled @lynalyson_ Asst @shereenlovebug Hair @anthonyperezhair
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Thank you @lollaindia ⭐️ an electric end to a life changing run of shows these past few years since IICHLIWP. the next time I touch a stage will be like the first time, all over again. see you soon. - 📷 @donslens
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days leading up to @lollaindia 🪷 can’t wait to play tonight :) non crunchy pics from @donslens of course 🤍
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I woke Mob Wife Ash from the dead for the @aboutfacebeauty The Performer launch the other night. feat. a rare guest glam from @patrickta 🤎 hair by @themartyharper and look by @lynalyson_ captured by @sarahpardini 👜
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The Performer is now available at @UltaBeauty !! 🧡 I’m so excited for the many of you to get to swatch, experience and take home this foundation irl. Packed with skin care benefits and a buildable, breathable formula - shop now in store or at Ulta.com
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it’s been years since i’ve let someone else do my makeup but when @patrickta asked i was so excited!! I reallllly wanted him to try our new @aboutfacebeauty foundation. honored to have been his canvas for the night as we celebrated the launch of The Performer. 🖤 ABOUT-FACE PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: The Performer Foundation - LM1 Neutral Matte Fluid Eye Paint™️ - Capulets 1994 Mascara Matte Fix Lip Pencil - Smoked, Grounded Line Artist - Equestrian PATRICK TA PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: Major Dimension Eyeshadow Palette Major Sculpt Contour Duo - She’s Sculpted Monochrome Moment Blush - She’s Seductive Major Headlines Lipstick - Complicated
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starting to feel like myself again or something
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The Performer: our foundation for @aboutfacebeauty . As a performer in many senses of the word, my face takes centerstage. It’s incredible to now have a product that doesn't mess with my skin and wears great throughout whatever the day brings, all while still letting me feel like ME when I have it on. It’s high action. It’s artfully designed. and it’s at an accessible price point ($22!) No matter how you apply it - truly a star performance product. I’m so proud of this product & i hope you loveeee it. _non-comedogenic⁠ _made with 17+ skin-loving ingredients⁠ _breathable and water-resistant 12-hour wear⁠ _hydrates + reduces blemishes⁠ _in 45 shades Now available at aboutface.com, Ulta.com on 1.19.24 + in @UltaBeauty stores on 1.21.24
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Your favorite foundation (and mine) incoming!! We’ve been working on The Performer for so long, and honestly would still be working on it if I didn’t think it was the perfect foundation. After tweaking the formula countless times and wear testing it in every context and situation imaginable, I’m so excited for it to finally land. Made to melt onto skin with 17+ skincare ingredients. Buildable coverage. 45 shades. Launching 1.9.24 🤎
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