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Welcome to @centrfit latest workout. Just throw a grommet on ya back and plow your way through a strong incoming tide. Make sure the kids really got his claws into your jugular to restrict blood flow and oxygen levels to truly challenge the body and mind #sportssceince 🎥@juzmac
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Not a bad lineup!! Anyone got a Garden of Time outfit I can borrow? @voguemagazine @metmuseum
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Happy Valentine’s Day. This year I thought I’d share with you how babies are made in Australia. It’s both a game of passion, love and intense sportsmanship where everyone one’s a winner. ❤️💋 @elsapataky
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I love this type of workout. Being able to cover a lot of bases, explosiveness, strength, stability, speed and hypertrophy helps me feel functional and strong 💪 Workout -ball slam, over head farmers carry, squat/curl/press, kettle bell snatches, tricep extension, under hand bent over row and sprints. Continually moving for around 40 minutes. Thanks @centrfit for the inspiration
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Got the tumble down but gotta work on the language 🤦‍♂️😂
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We’re back bigger and better for a new season of Limitless! I’m teaming up with National Geographic, @darrenaronofsky , and world-class experts for a new series of epic challenges to explore how we can all live not just longer, but better.
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Meet my good mate Amon! One of Marvel’s best and most knowledgeable fans on the globe! The love and kindness that radiates from this young man is beyond inspirational and it’s been an absolute gift getting to know him and his family! Massive thanks to @starlightau for introducing us. Can’t wait for our next hang Amon! ❤️🙏🤙
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My kids continuing to do wild shit that makes me feel incredibly inadequate on the slopes! 😂🤙❄️
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Loving Japan ❤️
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2024 is going to be a great year!! Let’s get it!
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Going from summer in Australia to the snow in Montana is always an epic adventure ⛄️❄️
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