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COOL SPOTS IN HOKKAIDO: NOBORIBETSU If you like unique nature spots and onsen you might find this place in Hokkaido really cool. Noboribetsu Onsen is a well-known sightseeing spot in Hokkaido, with people from Japan and overseas visiting to stay at the hotels here. A bath in the onsen hot springs is a must, and I also really recommend to go explore nearby sights, such as Noboribetsu Jigokudani (Hell Valley). This is a scenic area for walks and for trekking to explore what Mother Nature hides from us in its soils. Does it feel like real to you? 📍Noboribetsu Jigokudani, Hokkaido ユニークな自然スポットや温泉がお好きなら、北海道で本当にクールなスポットがお好みになるかもしれません。登別は北海道を代表する一大温泉地です。国内外の観光客が温泉を楽しんで、ホテルに宿泊します。温泉はマストですが、登別地獄谷などの近くの観光スポットもぜひ訪れてみてください。温泉の源でもある地獄谷は火山噴火の跡で、荒々しい景観が見ものとなっている。 📍 登別地獄谷, 北海道
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Flower arrangement is super popular in Japan amongs ladies of all ages. It is not surprise that people like to express their creative energy by creating flower designs. On June 25 I spend productive half-day in cool art gallery and played with flowers to create a bouquet arrangement with sunflowers, delphinium, all blue and yellow.. Really thankful to the floral design teacher, Mariko Tokunaga-san, who showed me all the tricks. Flower designer: @maricollage Location: Four Directions Art Gallery, Tokyo フラワーアレンジメントは、日本であらゆる年齢の女性の間で非常に人気です。 人々が花のデザインを経由、自分の創造的なエネルギーを表現することができる自然なものだと思います。 2022年6月25日、私はクールなアートギャラリーで生産的な半日を過ごし、花で遊んで丸い花束を作りました。徳永 真里子先生は貴重な知識をご共有いただきありがとうございます。 フラワーデザイナー: @maricollage 場所:東京フォーディレクションズアートギャラリー
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WHAT TO DO IN TOKYO ON WEEKEND? Visit photo exhibition! Guys, interesting story happened to me on weekend in summer 2021. I met friends in Tokyo and on my way home, saw something exciting going on in lifestyle space @spiral_jp Photo exhibition by the Japan renowned fashion and lifestyle photographer Masaaki Tomitori featuring 39 leading Japanese actresses! It was eye-opening for me. First, I didn’t know any of them because I don’t have Japanese TV and I watch mostly Hollywood movies where those actresses don’t play. Second, I didn’t know photographer before visiting his exhibition. I wanted to take a picture with a poster, didn’t have own camera and tripod, only iPhone. A guy standing nearby approached me with “Can I help you”, my answer was affirmative. Guess who took this photo of me? 📷 @tomy103
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TRADITIONAL CRAFT IN MODERN HOME: URUSHI Did you know that Japanese traditional lacquer work has numerous techniques to create various designs? Kinma, Zosei, Chositsu. Dagger completing 3-year program students creates these masterpieces. Tap ❤️ if you like designs. Exhibitor: Kagawa Urushi Institute Location: @artfairtokyo , Tokyo, Japan
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TRADITIONAL CRAFT IN MODERN HOME: URUSHI Lacquerware is a Japanese craft with a wide range of fine and decorative arts, as lacquer has been used in urushi-e, prints, and on a wide variety of objects from Buddha statues to bento boxes for food. Cherished for its infinite versatility, urushi is a distinctive art form that has spread across all facets of Japanese culture from the tea ceremony to modern abstract sculpture. It’s always fascinating to see how emerging young artists in Japan treasure the cultural heritage and reflect natural components in their artworks. Artist: Karin Yamada @yamadakinoco Artwork: Candy Box with Kinma Technique “Orderly Chaos” Location: @artfairtokyo , Tokyo, Japan
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DAY TRIPS FROM TOKYO: ACAO FOREST I remember I visited Sonoma Valley in California several years ago, listening to rock songs in my playlist. It was same sunny, same peaceful sky and amazing seaviews. This time we were able to escape to a beautiful hidden gem not far from Tokyo, called Acao Forest. 12 rose gardens in hill overlooking Sagami Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Hope that pandemic truly ends and more people could be able to visit Japan soon. 📍 Acao Forest, Atami, Shizuoka, Japan Follow @anna.skrypka.co for hidden travel treasures, design and art in Japan.
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DAY TRIP FROM TOKYO: ROSES PARADISE When you are tired of roses and want to sip an organic juice or good coffee, you can have some rest in a beautiful cafe, called COEDA HOUSE. It was designed by renowned architect in Japan Kengo Kuma. 📍Atami, Izu, Shizuoka, Japan Do you like the architecture? 建築家 隈研吾氏設計のカフェ。目の前には相模灘を一望できる景色が広がります。ハーブや熱海特産の橙などを使用した、オリジナルのドリンクやスイーツとともにお楽しむことができます。 📍熱海、静岡県 この建築がいかがでしょぅか?
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DAY TRIP FROM TOKYO: ROSES PARADISE Another hidden treasure can be found not far from Tokyo, namely in Atami. It’s called ACAO FOREST. 12 themed gardens on the hill overlook Sagami Bay. Once you there, you forget the pace of time, smell terrific roses and enjoy fantastic views. 📍Atami, Izu, Shizuoka, Japan Would you like to visit rose garden? 相模灘を見下ろす丘陵地に、個性豊かな12のテーマガーデンが点在するACAO FOREST。熱海ブルーに輝く海と空を借景に、バラや球根植物、ハーブ、宿根草など様々な植物が織りなす見応えのある景色が楽しめます。 📍 熱海、静岡県 チャンスがあれば、バラ園に行ってみませんか?
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Shiro Tsujimura, born in 1947, is one of the most prominent Japanese ceramic artists of our time. Entirely self-taught but hugely inspired by historic ceramic techniques found in Japan and Korea, he established a practice that defines conventional modes of expression in working with clay. Paying tribute to the concept of imperfection (Wabi-Sabi) Tsujimura’s creations are an ode to spirituality and traditions in transition to modernity. This year at Art Fair Tokyo, visitors could enjoy the perfect vision of nature and art captured at Shiro Tsujimura’s exhibition. Would you get this art for your own home or for friends? Follow @anna.skrypka.co for design, art and craft in Japan.
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TRADITIONAL CRAFT IN MODERN HOME: CERAMICS One of the greatest ceramic artists in Japan, Shiro Tsujimura, born in 1947, is a perfectionist in his art and recognizes his obsession with achieving his goals. This exhibition illustrates the importance he places on spontaneity and dynamism, but also on rest and remaining Zen. Tsujimura is incontestably, the most capable artist to create works of art that retain the purity, and respect the traditions of Zen, Japanese and Korean ceramic art of the past. How do you like wabi-sabi vase with iconic sakura? Artist: Shiro Tsujimura Location: @artfairtokyo , Tokyo, Japan
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TRADITIONAL CRAFT IN MODERN HOME: CERAMICS One of the most gifted potters active in Japan today, TSUJIMURA SHIRŌ, who was born in 1947, has a tremendous range of both glazes and forms. Influenced by Momoyama era tea aesthetics, he creates powerful functional vessels that are dramatic, sensual and highly unique. Unlike most of his contemporaries, who closely control the firing process, Tsujimura delights in the unexpected and incorporates chance into his creative process. His work populates the collections of museums throughout the world. Interested in Japanese authentic design? Don’t miss legendary artworks. Artist: Shiro Tsujimura Location: @artfairtokyo , Tokyo, Japan
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DAY TRIPS FROM TOKYO: EXPERIENCE CERAMICS IN JIKE FURUSATO VILLAGE I visited a pottery class in a peaceful rural spot called Jike Furusato Village, all surrounded by nature. Shunri Nonaka-sensei @springain showed me his works and ceramics studio. If you want to experience pottery making in the rural area, check out this hidden spot in Aobadai, Yokohama. 📍 Ceramics House, Aoba-ku, Yokohama Follow @anna.skrypka.co for hidden travel treasures, design and art in Japan. 寺家ふるさと村にある自然に囲まれたのどやかな場所陶芸教室を訪問しました。野中春利先生 @springain の素敵な作品を楽しんで、イチゴ一会といゆう瞬間でした。静かな自然と陶芸を楽しみたい場合、ぜひ青葉の秘宝をチェックしてね。 📍 陶芸舎、横浜市青葉区寺家町691-1
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